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KTS Neck Support Rods

KTS also manufactures truss rods, reinforcements for guitar necks and other products. These are custom orders, please email us for a quote. KTS has been supplying tens of thousands of these and similar parts to leading manufacturers with zero complaints.

Line Up

Titanium Neck Reinforcement Bar

After repeating the cold rolling process several times, these titanium rods become the perfect hardness for guitar reinforcements. By placing two of these on both sides of the truss rod, they will greatly reienforce the neck strength as well as lessen dead points due to neck's oscillation. It also improve the sound due to better acoustic characteristics of titanium.

SPECIFICATIONS: 6.0m/m (w) X 3.0m/m (t) X Length

Manufacturers & Brands
Ibanez Guitars, MTD (Michael Tobias Design) Bases, Atelier Z, Fender Japan, Moon Guitars, LAG Guitars (France), Fender USA, Spirit Guitars (USA), FERNANDES, G-Life Guitars

Comments on Titanium Neck Reinforcement

Titanium Truss Rods

We produce several size of titanium truss rods by request. By changing material to titanium the results are a lighter neck, which in turn results in better tone and playability. Titanium provides the ultimate flexibility for truss rods.