November 7, 2019
Vance Custom Guitars is an established boutique guitar craft-shop situated in Fyshwick Australia. VCG luthier builds a low number of original custom designs and collaborations from billet timber for Australian and overseas musicians and has recently introduced KTS Titanium neck rods to our guitar options.  

The principle Luthier at Vance, Rusty Vance had this to say about KTS Titanium neck reinforcement rods:

“KTS Titanium rods in our Honduras Mahogany and Queensland Walnut necks delivers a different tone response to our traditional Pultruded Graphite neck reinforcement. Our Graphite is very stiff and inflexible and works best to produce a clean and precise fundamental and related harmonic response for driving analogue pedal trains in detuned, high gain situations. 

The KTS Titanium reinforcement is and wider more flexible with a constant “push back” relationship and will flex slightly under pick attack generating a richer tonal range and more complex harmonic response.  This makes them ideally suited to rock guitars and guitars where tone needs to be accentuated.   Additionally, the feel of the neck under pick attack and the swell of the note is softer rather than the ‘stiff’ and rapid response of graphite fibre.”

KTS have been a great partner to work with from day one with excellent customer support and we are pleased to recommend their quality Titanium range of components.

Vance Custom Guitars