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Olmo Bosi


ARDA handmade guitars のビルダーOlmo Bosi氏は、音楽と美的レベルの両側面で、プレイヤー毎に異なる楽器へのニーズ・こだわりに応えるカスタマイズギターを探求、創造し続けています。ネック補強材については、素材を厳選し、独自のポジショニング方法を用いることで、優れた安定性を実現。KTS Titanium Neck Reinforcementsも採用されています。

Mr. Olmo Bosi, the builder of ARDA handmade guitars, has been long pursuing guitars that satisfy users both on a musical and aesthetic level and kept producing customize guitars that meet players’ diversified needs and passions for instruments.

For reinforcement of the necks of his guitars, he carefully selects materials and adapts them by his original positioning method and achieves superior stability. KTS Titanium Neck Reinforcements are applied for his guitar necks as well.

ARDA handmade guitars


Titanium Neck Reinforcement Bar

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