KTS offer engraved Titanium Neck Plates to customers

For guitar makers and boutique builders

KTS Tone-Resonant Titanium Neck Plates have been used on countless of great guitar brands such as Marchione Guitars in Texas, DeTemple Guitars in California and more recently, equipped on the 25th anniversary model of Manson Guitar Works in England. It is really a great honor that our titanium products are recognized by these great brands. Taking this opportunity, we would like to offer the engraved titanium neck plate to more guitar brands world-wide.

Please take a look at the following information and consider putting your own logo engraved neck plate on your products. It would be our great pleasure if our neck plates could be a part of your excellent guitars.

If your are interested, please feel free to contact us using the following inquiry form or email us directly at info@k-t-s.com.
We are happy to discuss terms and conditions.

Note: This service is only for guitar makers and boutique builders and not for the general public.


Manson Guitar Works England engraved titanium neck plate

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Stephen Marchione

“I use the KTS Titanium Neck plates on all my bolt on Electrics because they add beauty and big bottom end, the kind that slaps you right in the face!” — Stephen Raphael Marchione





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