Elegant Gypsy Meets KTS Tone-Resonant …

Al Di Meola is one of the top guitarists of all time – his finesse, phrasing and sheer technique are as unique as his guitar tone. His extreme picking speed needs an instrument capable of delivering the attack and articulation of each single note.

To give justice to Al’s playing, a KTS PR-01set, the ABR-1 vintage style bridge with Titanium saddles, has been installed onto one of his favorite guitars – the black Gibson Les Paul Custom, as featured on the timeless album ‘Elegant Gypsy’ along with many other albums in Di Meola’s long-spanning career.

hink about a masterpiece like ‘Race with Devil on Spanish Highway’, with its lightning-fast single-note runs and sweet, sustained vocal melodies. To fully render the tones in this song the guitar should excel in sustain, clarity and definition. The attack should be fast but sweet. The harmonics of each note should blossom naturally into a controlled, vocal feedback. The KTS Tone Resonant Titanium are conceived, designed and manufactured to achieve and improve upon these qualities and it should almost be no surprise that an accomplished player such as Al Di Meola uses KTS and we are truly honored that they are his preferred saddles of choice.