I ordered one of those KTS titanium rods , the dam thing is bendy!…. I have lost confidence that it will make any difference

Dear Stuart, Thank you for the comment. Yes, the titanium rod is bendy compared to other reinforcement rods such as carbon fiber, ceramics or hardened steel. But that is exactly why they are popular. You see, our titanium rods have an optimum resiliency to return its original form when stressed and deformed. Because of this natural tendency, the truss rod adjustment is more effective even when the other neck materials are losing their original shape.  KTS has supplied several tens of thousands of these rods to manufactures (such as Ibanez guitars and basses) with zero complaints. Also, StewMac had been inspecting its effect and quality of the rods for several years before finally deciding to put KTS rods out into the market. We would be grateful if you could try our titanium rod in your instrument and see the results.