Is it true that my tone can be improved by such small bridge saddles?

We often receive these kind of inquiries. Absolutely yes, your tone will change. Since guitar and bass are stringed instruments, there are two fulcrum points on each end of each of your strings. Therefore it shouldn’t surprise you that the vibration of your strings will change if we replace the saddles with a different material. There are many saddles developed by several companies nowadays with the aim of improving tone. Above all, KTS Titanium Saddles have a good reputation for longer sustain, improved harmonic response and dynamic touch sensitivity. We have found that most guitarists and bassists tend to make for the lack of tone and sustain supplied by standard steel saddles by over compensating tone on their amplifiers. We feel it is more important to get the best possible tone from the instrument before even plugging it in to an amp. With this goal in mind we developed what we believe the highest quality saddles available.