Have you ever experienced that the block had crushed in the saddle of Floyd Rose® style bridge? This is pure Titanium insert block for Floyd Rose® style locking tremolo bridges. The feature of “Titanium” prevents breakages inside of saddle usually occurring due to overly tightened screws or corrosion.


We continue to get countless feedback from our players about the remarkable tone improvement from these small products. KTS uses only the highest strength, pure unalloyed titanium to produce our Ti saddle blocks. And, our custom cold-rolling process technique produces Titanium components of a much higher level of strength and durability.

“The sustain and natural harmonics these simple little Titanium inserts emit is uncanny. Not only do they sound great, but thanks to their ultra-responsive characteristics, I can shred at top speeds with less effort.” —Angel Vivaldi

“As soon as I changed to the Titanium saddle blocks, I noticed my guitar became acoustically more alive sounding! Then when I plug in, I get more sustain than with the old blocks.” —Jodee Frawlee

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