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"My Gibson CS336, a guitar I've always loved for it's full range, bright, responsive tone, sounded obviously better once I installed the KTS titanium saddles - instantly I heard more "air" in the sound - it sounded lighter and more acoustically alive, even without plugging it in. All in all a significant improvement."

Steely Dan のリードギタリスト。Gibson CS336 のブリッジのリプレイスメントとして、PR-01set をオーダー。

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PR-01set | PR-01set Vintage ABR-1 Style Bridge Set

PR-01 titanium saddles are pre- assembled with zinc die cast base. This bridge base is not Gibson®'s original parts. But it can be used as a replacement for the original Vintage ABR-1 Bridge. Also you can use this bridge on some of other manufacturer's guitar which has a Tune-O-Matic Bridge.

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