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David Hinds


"I have installed KTS Titanium bridge saddles on my Godin Velocity and Progression (PR-17), my Tom Anderson Classic and Hollow T Classic (PR-17) and my ’87 Fender Strat Plus (PR-15). In every case the KTS Titanium saddles have vastly improved the tone, sustain, intonation and balance of these great guitars. I refer to the difference they make as being ‘Hi Fi’, that is, they bring out the maximum tone of the guitar - it’s as if a blanket has been lifted off the sound.

The treble frequencies are sweet, clear and warm, with no harshness or ‘ice pick’ brittleness. The mids are full and warm and clearly defined, and the bottom end is tight and articulate.

Intonation is spot on accurate, and you can actually see this on a tuner where the needle stays still with no wobble. Sustain is improved as well, as is string to string balance and definition, with every note in a chord ringing clearly and well defined.

I would thoroughly recommend KTS Titanium saddles to anyone wanting to make a vast improvement to their guitar’s tone, and as it is a totally non-invasive upgrade, it is perfect for vintage instruments as well."


David Hinds 氏による KTS プロモーションビデオです。


PR-15 | Synchronized Tremolo Bridge (Offset Style)

This offset type saddle can be used for US made Standard Stratocasters® and Strat® Plus.

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PR-17 | Block Style Saddles (10.5mm)

This block type titanium saddle can be used on most Strat type guitar bridges including the current American Standard, PRS, Gotoh GTC101 and many others.

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