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"The sustain and natural harmonics that these simple little titanium inserts emit is uncanny. Not only do they sound great, but thanks their ultra-responsive characteristics I can shred at top speeds with less effort."

最近、ニューヨークのミュージックシーンで頭角を現してきた、若手ギタリスト。ニュージャージーの音楽情報誌、The Aquarian Weekly にて、The Modern Joe Satriani と評された彼のプレイは、なるほど初期のサトリアーニを彷彿とさせるものがある。Ti-Block を7弦に使用。

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Ti-Block / Insert Block for FRT Tremolo

The size specifications match Floyd Rose® original parts. Please note this block is not usable for the other Floyd Rose® styles such as Lo Pro Edge of Ibanez®®.

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