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"I’ve checking today the PR-06 on my SG1820 and… wow!! Suddenly the sound grow up and became into a more rounded and spongy sound, with more loud frequencies and more relaxed and balanced high tones.” –Abel Franco

スペインのギタリスト、Abel Franco。YAMAHA のエンドーサーとして活躍している彼の SG-1820 に、PR-06set が装着された。

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Abel Franco 氏によるショートプロモーションビデオです。

KTS promotional video by Abel Franco


PR-06set | PR-06 set Nashville Style Bridge Set

PR-06 titanium saddles are pre-assembled with zinc die cast base. This bridge base is not Gibson®'s original parts. But it can be used as a replacement for the original Nashville Tune-O-Matic Bridge. Also you can use this bridge on some of other manufacturer's guitar which has a Tune-O-Matic Bridge.

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