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Mustang®・Jaguar® Style Saddles

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PR-Mu | 6piece Mustang®, Jaguar®, Jazz Master® style saddles

There are no height screws in the saddles and each saddle is a different diameter so that they sit at different heights to compensate for the fingerboard radius. The Fender original Mustang saddles are assembled into the bridge loosely. Our "PR-Mu " saddles will fit the bridge perfectly and you won't see any gaps between the saddles. They will be more stable and the strings won't shift by hard picking. Better yet, you can get more deep midrange and longer sustain due to the character of the titanium material.



6pcs., 8.3mm (1st. 6th), 9.5mm ( 2nd. 5th), 10.5mm (3rd. 4th), Thread = M3, E to E Spacing = 55mm
※ A plate is not included.

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