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Block-type Titanium Saddles

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PR-17 | Block Style Saddles (10.5mm)

This block type titanium saddle can be used on most Strat type guitar bridges including the current American Standard, PRS, Gotoh GTC101 and many others.



6 pcs . M3 thread Width=10.5m/m( .413in) . Length=19.0m/m( .748in) . Height=4.5m/m( .177in) . E to E Spacing=52.5m/m(2.067in)
※ A bridge plate is not included.

PDFPR-17 Drawing

PR-18 | Block Style Saddles (10.8mm)

Introducing our new block style saddles PR-18 which have 10.8mm pitch to fit Gotoh 510, GE1088,1089 etc. The new PR-18 can be installed perfectly on 10.8mm pitch (2.125" E to E spacing) bridge without any gap between the saddles.



6 pcs . M3 thread Width=10.8m/m( .425in) . Length=20.0m/m( .787in) . Height=4.1m/m( .161in) . E to E Spacing=54m/m(2.125in)
※ A bridge plate is not included.

PDFPR-18 Drawing

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