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What advantage can I get from titanium?
There are plenty: first of all, titanium simply resonates better than steel. You get more of your actual guitar tone than with standard parts. Better sustain and richer highs, mids and lows. You will find that you can bring down your gain, treble, midrange, bass and presence on your amp and get a much more dynamic sound from your fingers and better note definition. As Mike Tobias says; "The notes seem to jump off the fretboard." You will also find that you get less string breakage. Some other saddles designed to prevent string breakage reduce sustain and tonal range but with titanium saddles, you actually get longer sustain and better tone. And don't forget, titanium is much lighter than steel. While the weight difference between steel and titanium saddles might not be enough of a difference for you to notice, a titanium truss rod and tremolo bridge block knock a lot of weight off and vibrate better.
How do I know if KTS' saddles will fit my guitar bridge?
We have been assembling a suitability chart and will add more to the list as time goes by. You can download the PDF here >>>

You can also check these spec sheets: PR-01, PR-02, PR-04, PR-05, PR-06, PR-11, PR-14, PR-15

What grade of titanium do you use for your parts?
Our parts are primarily grade-2. Here are chemical compositions
H: 0.001
O: 0.100
N: 0.010
Fe: 0.05
Ti: (BAL.)
Which saddles will fit my TonePros T3BP bridge?
Unfortunately, we do not have the saddles which can be installed perfectly on the Tone pros T3BP bridge at this moment. The only model which can use our saddles is Tone pros TP6. Our PR-06 Nashville style saddles will fit on this bridge.
I'm actually having a problem removing my old TOM saddles. Can you give me a hint?
You can download the instructions for replacing the saddles for your Nashville bridge here >>> And for your Gotoh bridge here >>>
I've heard a lot of good things about your Trem Block. How come I can't find it on your site?
Titanium is very resonant and light so it will take some weight off your guitar while improving your tone. Good news: Back in stock!! Go to the page >>>
I'm interested in ordering a set of the PR-05 saddles for my Gotoh TOM bridge. Heard great things about these. Quick question - there's a string groove filed into these and I'm wondering if it's the same size for each saddle in the set, or if they're of varying depth. Basically this boils down to: will I need to get a tech to file them down for me or can I just pop them in and go?
The grooves in the saddles are pre-filed at a uniform minimum size. We recommend that you or your local luthier file them to make any adjustments. There are people who are using the saddles without any adjustment however. We would also advise that you replace the saddles carefully because the screws for the saddles in the Gotoh bridge are adhered with as adhesive bond. Probably a repairman in your area could do it easily enough for you if you are not comfortable doing it yourself. PDF of instructions >>>
What are the advantages of the Floyd Rose inserts and will they fit my Floyd Rose Pro?
If you have used a Floyd Rose tremolo for any amount of time, you probably have figured out that they get jammed because of over tightening or corrosion. Our titanium inserts are more durable than the standard steel ones and should last a much longer time. We have customers who are using the KTS inserts with their Floyd Rose Pro tremolo but the size is slightly different and we don't suggest it. To be sure if the inserts will work with your Floyd Rose type tremolo, check the dimensions with this PDF.
Do any of the KTS saddles work with a TonePros wraparound (AVT-II) bridge?
Unfortunately, we do not have the saddles which will fit the AVT-II to perfection. We have installed our PR-05 saddles on the AVT-II bridge, but we have needed to grind down our saddles in order to adjust to the spec of AVT-II bridge. We can't assure that our saddles will work with the TonePros AVT-II bridge at this moment.
Can you please tell me which Ti saddles will fit my American Gibson Les Paul Standard. It is a normal 2003 model with the Tune-O-Matic bridge?
There are two kind of Gibson bridges. One is the Vintage ABR-1, and the other is the Nashville. Please refer to the photos and check your bridge. If your bridge is ABR-1, our PR-02 will fit it. If your bridge is Nashville, our PR-06 will fit it.
Can you tell me which type of your Strat saddles I would need to replace the ones on my Eric Clapton Strat? (American Vintage Synchronized Tremolo)
Our "PR-11" will fit your Clapton Strat.
which of the Titanium saddles will fit an Epiphone Sheraton II bridge?
We are sure the bridge in the photos were made in Korea. There are several factories that make TOM bridge for Epiphne in Korea . It is difficult to say with any certainty which of our saddles will fit your Korean made Epiphone bridge. But we have installed our PR-01 on the Korean made Epiphone bridge in which we could see the stamp of "BG-BR" on the back side. Please look at the back side of his bridge to see if there is "BG-BR" stamp. If so, the PR-01 is the one you need.
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