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Shane Theriot


"Upgrading my guitars with KTS saddles has made a HUGE improvement in my sound. It allows me the freedom to not worry about things like sustain and intonation so I can just focus on playing music- you can feel the quality as well as hear it I highly recommend this product!"

11歳の頃からギターを弾き始め主席で GIT を卒業、Scott Henderson の推薦のもと Atlanta Institute of Music で教鞭をふるう。25歳で、ネヴィルブラザースに参加、その後も、数々のアーティストとのレコーディング活動を行い、Neville Brothers, LeAnn Rimes, Willie Nelson, Jewel, Boz Scaggs, Harry Connick Jr, Leni Stern, Dr. John... 等、彼が仕事を手がけたアーチストは、枚挙にいとまがない。

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