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Titanium, Ti. It nestles there in the periodic table at number 22, atomic weight 47.867.
The corrosion-resistance is superior to stainless steel and it is almost same as platinum for salt water. The strong and light feature of titanium is used for aircraft manufacturing and space science as important structural material and the corrosion-resistant feature is used for many equipment of chemical industry, which requires severe environmental operation. Many people believe "Titanium is hard." However, high purity titanium is rather softer and in fact the hardness is almost same as stainless steel. We use this high purity titanium for our
KTS Titanium Products for Guitars.

The low internal damping factor
of titanium is one of the most important features as good sounding metal. In another words, the most of wave motion created by strings vibration can be transferred to the guitar body without absorbing by the metal material. This happens because of unique hexagonal close-packed crystallization structure of titanium. Also, this characteristic of titanium stabilizes strings vibration. In addition, the metal which has less ratio of "E (traverse coefficient) / p (density)" is usually better for material to be used as audio equipment parts. In simpler wording, the light metal that is hard to bend is better material for audio parts. Titanium is the one of this feature.

By installing KTS Titanium Products, you will enjoy unparalleled durability, the exotic appearance, and best of all, the dramatically improved sound due to the titanium's acoustically superior characteristics.
Here are some of the key benefits.

"Increased sensitivity and stability are very apparent."
"Vibration and sustain have been taken to the limit."
"The notes are more focused and the intonation seems purer."
"The harshness was taken away and became clear."
"The definition from string-to-string and clarity was improved dramatically."

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